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Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Nick and Amy Dunne seem like they have a perfect life but on their fifth anniversary Amy goes missing and soon all of Nick's secrets will be revealed.

Great story. Couldn't take my eyes off of it and finished it in 2 days.

Risk the Wings of Sisterhood

Risk The Wings Of Sisterhood - J. R. Evangelisti

Julie is an 18 year old girl who never takes risks until she meets her roommate, Burkie Vivid who is the complete opposite of her. Burkie convinces Julie to join the football team to meet guys but end up getting suspended. They take a road trip and constantly argue.


Risk the Wings of Sisterhood is great coming of age story. It is a fast read and I liked the message about friendship and why you should take risks in life. I recommend this book for anyone from the ages 11 and up 


*I was given this book in exchange for my honest review*

A fast read

Black Box - Julie Schumacher

Loved this book as it was very interesting. The point of view is of a girl whose sister has depression and kind of doesn't fully understand what is going on. I really liked it. I think it is an eye opener. It is a great book for teens

I loved it

Looking for Alaska - John Green

I absolutely loved this book. I laughed over and over again. I believe it is a must read for teens every where :)

Got a bit bored

Insurgent - Veronica Roth

Never finished it because I got bored.

Great Book

Paper Towns - John Green

Loved the book. I loved how Q made it his mission to find Margo. I honestly can't wait for the movie :)